Berlin, Germany

Visit Berlin – The Hub of German Culture

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The capital city of Germany, Berlin, has a richer history than most cities around the world. With around 3.5 million residents, it is the largest city in Germany, and one of the largest in all of Europe. It is a hub for culture from around the world as well, with 147 separate...
Eiffel Tower

Things To Do in Paris

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Paris is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities today. If you and your partner are considering a tour of this part of Europe, following are the activities that you would not want to miss. Things to do in Paris: Seine River Tour PHOTO by: dany13 You and your partner can take...
Rome, Colosseum

Rome Photo Gallery

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PHOTOS by: Sean MacEntee
Things to do in Barcelona

Things to do in Barcelona: Infinite Fun

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With millions of visitors yearly, Barcelona is a popular destination with a host of activities and attractions awaiting its guests. A wide range of activities means that there is something for everyone! Here are some things to do in Barcelona for infinite fun. PHOT...
St. James Park

5 Free Things to Do in London – Have Fun and Save on Your Vacation!

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A vacation can be many things, including expensive! Fortunately, a vacation in London need not eat into your budget. This wonderful city offers many attractions with zero entrance fees, allowing you to enjoy the sights without spending anything. If you’re looking for a cheap...
Venice, Italy

Best Places to Visit in Italy – Cities to Explore

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Italy offers an excessive amount of travel-worthy sights so that targeting specific museums, parks and work of architecture is not enough. During a vacation in Italy, your itinerary should include the different cities because each town is – as a whole – a tourist attraction....
Claude Monet gardens

The Best Places to Visit in France

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France seems to be a constant favorite for many travelers with some people visiting the country more than once. This may be because France offers so many tourist attractions that going there once is not enough to see everything. For your first visit however, here are the best...

Best Places to Visit in Europe

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Europe is home to some of the most charming places in the world. Tourists who wish to immerse themselves in food, art, and culture will find that Europe has the best attractions to offer. If you’re currently considering a tour, here are the best places to visit in Europe: Paris...

Old Europe photo collection

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Athens, Greece

Places to Visit in Greece

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Greece remains a favorite travel destination for 17.5 million people all over the world. The country offers a collection of historical sites and natural wonders unlike any other. If you’re currently planning a trip to Greece, here are the top places to visit in Greece to get a...