The Best Time to Visit Spain

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There is no question that visiting the long and sandy Atlantic beaches and the cozy and picturesque Mediterranean coves found in Spain is appealing to many. Additionally, with more than 300 days of sun each year, it is likely an environment anyone could become accustomed to....

Where to Stay in Paris

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If you are a newcomer to Paris, there are two things that you will need to know right from the start: Paris is surprisingly a very affordable city to visit and the Parisians are not as rude as many other people would have you believe. Where to stay in Paris? If you conduct enough...
Lakes of Plitvice

The Five Most Nostalgic Places to Visit in Croatia

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Known as one of the most popular beach resorts in Europe, Croatia is no doubt a hot spot for anyone looking for the honeymoon feel or a special holiday. Croatia is endowed with a plethora of tourist attractions, from pristine islands to historic towns. Here are some ideal places...

The Top 3 Places to Visit in the U.K.

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If you can only choose three sites to visit while in the U.K., here’s where to go! If you are planning a trip to the U.K., you may find yourself overwhelmed with choice. There are hundreds, if not thousands of sites and cities that you could (and should) visit, and it can be...
Imperial War Museum

Free Museums in London

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Museums can be an exciting way to get to know an area, its history and culture, but the cost of a museum can often make the experience feel like a double-edged sword. Fortunately, there are a variety of free museums located throughout London that can help with your cultural...

Croatia – Paradise On Earth

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In this video you can find out why Croatia is called “Paradise on Earth”

Made In Prague

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SOURCE: Eddie Peter Hobson

Where to Stay in London

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Choosing where to stay in London can prove quite difficult. With so many accommodation options to choose from, the best place to stay will depend on your travel style, plans and budget. There is a wide array of options for accommodations in London, including hotels, hostels, flat...

Things to Do in Madrid

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Whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it, as there are so many things to do in Madrid. From bullfights to flamenco and museums to the largest European market, and the Spanish football games, too, Madrid is never short on things to do. There are a wide variety of...

Day On The Bike In Amsterdam

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A daily bike-ride routine in a sunny Amsterdam VIDEO by: Dailymovement